The Step-by-Step DIY HopeSaC Thermal Cooker Pattern Course is now available!

Cindy's Thermal Cooking Course

Inside you will find 12 lessons consisting of recipes, techniques and tips to effectively utilize the thermal cooker.

"I liked how in depth the course was. Cindy covered all kinds of dishes and what to do to change the outcome of each dish. There was a lot of information. I also liked the videos and the handouts."

"I have Cindy's cookbook and a HopeSac fabric thermal cooker that I made using her pattern and instructions. It has been fun to experiment on my own several times. I have also made the Lava pudding twice and homemade yogurt several times in my thermal cooker. Each thing was easy to make and the food stayed hot a lot longer than I expected. I have taken my thermal cooker with food to several family parties and everyone was impressed."

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