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Introduction to Thermal Cooking

 Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook

 Yesterday’s Methods Using Today’s Tools

 Cindy Miller

Photography by Sara Low

Bucket Meals

This section of ‘bucket meals’ contains recipes which use non-perishable food items, teach principles of timing, and usage of thickeners.

By assembling items by recipe, storing them together in a bucket, box or bag and including instructions, your meals are ready to grab and go.

Meat of the Meal

This ‘meat’ section contains more advanced techniques. I also use the meat in a dish to determine the amount of boiling time. As always the recipe instructions contain a wealth of information.

Cooking with Pasta

Pasta is one of those items which takes some serious changing of the ‘mind set’ to manipulate successfully using the thermal cooker.



Cooking with Vegetables

The best way to approach cooking vegetables is to have a willingness to accept and adapt in terms of cooking time and/or quality of the vegetable.





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Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook

How to Use a HopeSaC - Coming Soon...

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