The Step-by-Step DIY HopeSaC Thermal Cooker Pattern Course is now available!

Step by Step - DIY HopeSaC Thermal Cooker Pattern Course

The Step-by-Step DIY HopeSaC Thermal Cooker Pattern Course is now available! 

Creating a simple course to teach how to sew the HopeSaC thermal cooker has been something I have wanted to do since designing the HopeSaC. 

This HopeSaC course rounds out the digital courses for self reliance in the area of thermal cooking. The pattern helps anyone economically create their own thermal cooker - the course teaches principles and instills confidence, and the cookbook supplies recipes. 

It is so nice to have them all finally available!

Only $29

13 Modules

What is a HopeSaC?

Welcome to this overview of the Step-by-step Making your own HopeSaC Course. 

Let's Talk Supplies

Get started with all the right stuff! Here is what you need to have. 

Cutting Fabric

Two methods to choose from when cutting out pattern.

Sewing the Tube

Straight stitching - Sewing the Tube

Sewing the Stuffed HopeSaC Pieces

Almost done!


Each component is complete - Let's put it all together

Cleaning Instructions

Tips for keeping your HopeSaC clean. 

The HopeSaC Project - Coming Soon

Modules for this product 13
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